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Insurance Products

A C & E Group of Companies have developed a range of insurance products. These include Construction and Engineering products; Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability products and various Commercial insurance products.

This include standard policies which provide the best cover available in the market, enhanced products which have been extended to cater for specific needs required on a once-off basis (Engineering and Professional Indemnity Insurance only) and broker wordings developed by local and international brokers.

Our products are flexible, can be adapted for any risk and cater for special needs which may be imposed by financiers or specific conditions of contract.

The synergy which exists between Commercial, Engineering and Professional Indemnity & Broadform Liability allows us to service our brokers on all products.

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Engineering Contract Works

Engineering Contract Works insurance provides cover for the civil and structural construction projects installation of services and/or electrical and mechanical machinery. The type of projects we underwrite can include roads, bridges, canals, multi-storey buildings and modest private dwellings, factories including process machinery and much more. The policy can be issued for a contract involving installation of a single machine or the construction of a turnkey complete power generation or processing plant.

Engineering Contract Works cover can be tailored to include all the insurable risks, including transport of materials from any warehouse or manufacturing facility in the territorial limits to site and cover the project until installation, testing and commissioning has been completed and the plant is handed over.

We offer cover on a specific contract basis or on an annual policy basis for engineering contractors.

Liability cover can be provided for loss or damage to third party property and injury to persons.

Erection All Risk Insurance

Erection all risk policies cover the erection of individual machines or complete plants-ranging from complete power stations, mineral processing plants to lifts and air conditioning equipment. EAR policies provide protection on an all-risk basis, including cover for the testing and commissioning of the erected machines. EAR cover physical loss or damage.

Plant All Risks (PAR)

Loss of or damage to construction plant and equipment from any cause whilst in storage, transit, on contract site and being use as a tool of trade. Cover is available for owned and hired-in plant and equipment. This policy provides wide cover for contractor’s plant such as earthmoving equipment, mining plant, excavators, loaders, TLB’s, cranes, pumps, air compressors and much more. In addition, cover is available for replacement hiring costs, legal liability arising out of the hire and continuing hire charges.

This policy will cover risks such as fortuitous working accidents, theft, fire, faulty operation, overturning as well as natural perils such as earthquake, storm, flood, collision etc.

A C & E also offer Third Party Liability for Plant on site and on the road for licensed plant.

Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption

Cover can be provided for the costs to repair sudden and unexpected failure of electrical and mechanical production machinery (using new parts) and can be extended to cater for loss of profit while the machinery is being repaired following an event insured in terms of the machinery breakdown policy. In addition to the policy cover extends to include provision for breakdowns caused by operator error and ingress of foreign objects.

The Machinery Breakdown cover can also be extended to loss of product (raw material in process) which was being processed when the machine broke down and Deterioration of Stock in cold storage, following breakdown of the refrigeration equipment.

Renewable Energy

There are various Renewable Energy Technologies such as Solar, Wind and Water energy projects being developed throughout Africa. A C and E Engineering Underwriting Managers in association with New National Assurance Company offers cover for this developing technology.

Computer And Electronic Equipment

Cover is provided for Loss of or damage to Computer and Electronic Data Processing Equipment, IT installations, telephone exchanges, cell phone networks and associated ancillary equipment and much more arising from Theft, Fire and Allied perils, Accidental Damage, Malicious Damage and Machinery Breakdown. The basic policy can be extended to cover Increased Cost of Working and Reconstitution of Data.

Single Project Construction

A single project policy provides cover for a specific project and all the parties involved in the project are insured to the extent required by their individual conditions of contract. Single project policies are often arranged for very high value projects which involves reinsurance and co-insurance; A C & E Engineering Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd often take the lead on such projects because of the knowledge and experience of the engineering underwriters and claims team.

Projects often include billion rand plus of wind and solar installations, large multi-storey office buildings, but the policy can also be issued for smaller projects, particularly where the Employer is responsible for arranging insurance for the project.

Loss Of Profits (LOP)

Consequential loss of gross profit, loss of revenue or increased costs of working, arising from indemnifiable loss or damage sustained under the Machinery Breakdown Policy.

Deterioration Of Stock (DOS)

Damage to stock of all descriptions caused by a change in the controlled environment of the holding rooms or chambers arising from indemnifiable damage to the insured machinery that creates the controlled environment. This policy also has an optional accidental failure of electricity supply extension together with a stock in process extension.

Dismantling Transit and Erection

Cover can be provided on specific contract basis for loss or damage to new or existing electrical and mechanical equipment during machine moving operations, from dismantling the plant, loading and transporting plant to site, positioning including lifting operations and thereafter during installation and assembly of the equipment. The cover extends to loss or damage to the equipment being moved provided that the value of such equipment (either market value or new replacement value) is included in the policy sum insured. Cover in respect of testing is limited to new equipment.

The cover can be provided on an annually renewable policy, provided always that the value of every contract including the value of equipment being moved is declared and noted in the policy schedule.

Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability Insurance

A C and E PI & Liability Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd underwrites Professional Indemnity (Once Off / Annual) & Broadform Liability (General Liability & Products Liability insurance) on behalf of New National Assurance Company up to a limit of R100 000 000.

Our independent pricing and quotation models have been developed by A C and E PI & Liability Underwriting from our own experience and data base.

Territorial Scope

A C and E PI & Liability Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd underwrite risks with a worldwide territorial scope, excluding USA and Canada in respect of original insureds and/or businesses domiciled and/or incorporated in the Republic of South Africa (RSA)

Professional Indemnity and Broadform Liability Products

Annual Professional Indemnity

This policy provides cover for legal liability arising out of negligence, error or omission in the performance of professional duties of various professional occupations. Cover is on a “claims made basis” and provision can be made for retro-active cover.

Project Specific Professional Indemnity

This policy provides cover for the legal liability arising out of negligence, errors or omissions in the performance of professional duties for all engineering professionals and contractors involved in a single project, either insured by the Employer/Principal or the EPC(M) Contractor. The policy features First Party cover prior to handover and legal liability cover after handover. Provision is made for retro-active cover in respect of conceptual design work and also for an extended reporting period for a maximum period of 7 years.

Design & Construct Cover

This policy provides cover for legal liability arising out of negligence, error or omission in the performance of professional duties of engineering contractors who undertake turnkey contracts or EPC(M) projects and includes cover for mitigating losses prior to handover. Cover is on a claims made basis and provision can be made for retro-active cover and an extended reporting period.

Priority Cover

Salient features

Priority is designed to offer professional indemnity cover, for authorised FSCA Category I FSPs only. The policy will not satisfy FSCA requirements for Category II, IIA, III or IV providers.

  • Priority offers indemnity from R1 million for each and every claim; with a maximum of R40 million in the aggregate.
  • priority offers varying levels of deductibles with a minimum at R25 000 each and every loss.
  • priority covers Key Individuals and Representatives for negligent acts which result in a claim for damages being made by a client as well as costs incurred in preparing a defence against such claims.
  • priority does not cover fines and penalties nor costs associated with regulatory inspections. Dishonest employees are also not covered.
  • premiums are determined by the amount of cover and the number of representatives and support staff.
  • prior cover is available on request and subject to further underwriting.

Medical Malpractice

This cover is available for Allied Healthcare Professionals who cause injury to third parties through their professional negligence, errors and/or omissions.

Directors and Officers

Recent amendments to the Companies’ Act, makes directors and managers liable in their personal capacity for claims with regards to their fiduciary mismanagement of the company. Claimants which include claims from Shareholders or Creditors.

Broadform Liability

The policy provides cover for the legal liability incurred by the insured, death or damage to third parties/third party property arising during the course of the insured business activities. The cover available provides for General liability, Employers liability, Foundation Failure, Products Liability and Defective Workmanship.

Cover can be provided in respect of contractor’s liability for specific/single contracts and projects on a stand-alone basis or included in an Annual Broadform format.

Events Liability

Various legislation has brought about the need to insure events – either on a once -off basis or an annual policy, if there is a need to host or arrange multiple functions per year. The policy can be extended to include damage to hired or leased premises, temporary structures, spread of fire, food and drink, and emergency medical expenses. We exclude event postponement and/or cancellation.

Commercial Insurance

A C & E Commercial Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd have the underwriting expertise and experienced staff who can add value to our existing and new clients in this arena – Commercial insurance offering also complements our current products whilst diversifying our portfolio and providing a new opportunity.

A C & E Commercial can accommodate all small to medium commercial and corporate accounts and can offer a full spectrum of Commercial product lines including:

Fire, Building Combined, Office Contents, Business Interruption, Accounts Receivable, Theft, Money, Glass, Fidelity guarantee, Public Liability, Group Personal Accident Goods in Transit, Business All Risk, Accidental Damage, Employers Liability, Stated Benefits, Motor, Motor Traders, Electronic Equipment and Machinery Breakdown.

We are confident that we will establish a strong market presence with a platform for growth and have the ability to write this class of business in a fair and reasonable manner to the benefit of our clients.

AC&E Commercial-Flexi

The A C & E Commercial-Flexi policy covers not just the Commercial risks of a business but also the **Domestic side. As we value your input and your desire to assist your clients with their requirements, we are immensely proud to offer the new Commercial Flexi Policy, tailor-made to combine **Domestic requirements of clients onto an existing Commercial policy. We will not be focusing on stand-alone **Domestic business as we wish to stay true to the core values of A C & E Commercial Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd.

These additional **domestic covers include Buildings, Contents, Personal All Risk, Personal Liability, Motor and Pleasure Craft.

A C & E Commercial Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd, at all times strive to be the best service provider in the market for all our brokers and our mutual clients, from the acceptance of cover to the settling of claims.
Contact a member of our A C & E Commercial marketing team to discuss this in more detail, and if required, arrange training on our exciting products.

**Underwritten by A C and E Commercial Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd in their capacity as A Juristic Representative of New National Assurance Company Limited – FSP 2603

Our Brokers

A C & E Group provides business on all products to registered, FAIS compliant and accredited Brokers.

We have partnered with dynamic customer-focused, Corporate, Medium and Small Brokers in all the provinces of South Africa, Africa and our selected international markets and develop strong and solid relationships with our broker base. We share a vision and desire to provide our clients with the best service, terms and claims resolutions. AC&E value the relationship that we have with each of our Brokers and have seen many small self-owned Brokers grow their businesses successfully in partnership with us.

Our selected Products are highly technical. In partnership with AC&E Group, every Broker can provide Engineering, Construction, Professional Indemnity, Broadform Liability and Commercial Insurance of the highest standard to their clients. Our Marketing Team and Product Specialists assist our Brokers with in-depth knowledge of construction contracts, policy wordings and customer-driven insurance solutions, very often providing innovative, bespoke insurance solutions in addition to our range of standard products. We appreciate and value our brokers and continue to grow through their loyal support.

Our aim: The Brokers first choice when considering a business partner!

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